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Hey there! I'm Adele Sinclair.

Australian. Canberran. Management & Leadership Coach & Mentor. Experienced Senior Manager. Organisational Strategist & Advisor. Wife. Dog mum. Sister. Friend. Wildlife advocate. Community activist. Bookworm. Mad 80s fan. Grounded Dreamer.

In 2003, I took on a senior leadership role that involved constant change and pressure. When the organisation then went through a restructure, we had to do even more but with fewer resources. I began burning out. So did my team.

Leading a team is more than just delegating tasks and making decisions. It’s about understanding yourself and the individuals who make up the team, leveraging everyone’s strengths, and addressing their struggles (including yours).

If I had the knowledge and skills to navigate the balance between team productivity and personal wellbeing, I could have looked after myself and my team better. I’ve learned a lot since then.

These days, I support early to mid-career professionals, managers and leaders to develop their skills and confidence, so they can reach work and career goals, and make the impact they want.

Awesome Reviews. Let Yours Be Next.

Adele, I don’t have the words to express how important you have been in my life over the past year.​ I would not be where I am today without your empathy, guidance, support, understanding and just all around positive presence.

Workplace Mentoring Participant

I now have the confidence to say no and speak up at work and at home so that I’m not always sacrificing what’s important to me. I’ve learnt a lot about myself and why I do things a certain way. I have long term goals for my future, I am in control of my life, and I feel fantastic now that my life has purpose & direction again!”

Private Coaching Participant

A month ago, I jumped at the chance to act in a role to cover leave period for another area within the Department. I have now been in this role for 3 weeks and have had 2 job offers that really appeal to me. My biggest issue now is which one to take.

I would like to give you some of the credit for clearing some of my negativity and inspiring me to act for me.

Private Coaching Participant

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Career-wise, I had a good start. I started working at age 14 when my older brother arranged a part-time job for me in a 1-hour photo lab. That early start enabled me to go straight into a supervisory role as soon as I finished my HSC. I had my first management role at 19 – and I made a lot of mistakes.

My management & leadership experience now spans over 20 years in the corporate, higher education and not-for-profit sectors.

I’m a quick learner and I get bored easily. As a result, my work background is super varied. I’ve worked for household names such as Arnott’s Biscuits and Telstra, through to small business, not-for-profits, higher education and politics.

 My roles have ranged through sales to operations to human resources to management. My most recent management roles were several Chief Operations Officer roles in the higher education sector and several years as Party Director for a political party.

I’ve been a trusted advisor to senior managers and leaders, university professors, politicians, public servants and business owners. I’m currently a member of three ACT Government Advisory Committee/Working Groups, providing input into government policy and planning.

 I’ve worked as a professional coach for 15+ years. In 2006, I founded Wellness at Work Australia. My advice has appeared in publications including HuffPost, Women’s Health magazine, and Seek Learning.

I hold a Masters degree in Management and other postgraduate qualifications.

What Others Say

​​“Adele is an inspirational manager who was instrumental in the creation and continued success of our Centre of Excellence. Her ability to navigate budgetary, political and personality issues with both internal and external stakeholders is a testament to her strong management and people skills.

Adele's mentoring was highly valued by the professional staff, students and researchers she guided, and she was a trusted advisor within the Centre's executive team.

With extensive experience and a supportive style, Adele is an invaluable guide for people looking to strengthen their skills and effectiveness."

​Professor Robert Furbank, The Australian National University

​​“Adele has the rare ability to balance a focus on strategic direction with lateral thinking; a powerful combination to solve problems and guide people and organisations.”

Professor Will Steffen, The Australian National University

"I invited Adele to lead the establishment of our new training centre’s operations based on her strong reputation from a similar role at our university. I had high expectations and she did not disappoint. The role required complex set of management and leadership skills ranging from establishing policies for the operation of the centre and implementation of its programs of R&D and training through to negotiating agreements with our 20+ partners in the ARC Training Centre for Future Crops and recruiting staff.

Adele’s deep subject-matter knowledge and her standout management and leadership skills played a crucial role in expediting our Centre’s start-up phase. Her wise advice was invaluable to both me and the entire executive team. With Adele’s guidance, we navigated the start-up process easily, achieving milestones months ahead of schedule and under budget.

I have no hesitation in recommending Adele as a highly effective leader, manager, and advisor who is a pleasure to work with."

Professor Barry Pogson, The Australian National University

"Adele is a consummate professional with a positive can do attitude."

Ben Bardon, CEO, Skillset

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